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[flagged] Show HN: Snakes on a Hyperplane – A multiplayer 3D Snake game (tinyurl.com)
71 points by dimkasmir on April 17, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 31 comments

I see nothing and hear weird music and sounds. No keys have any effect.

I had the same thought: try pressing enter to respawn. Your snake is orange-brown.

Awesome! Didn't even know this was going on. Actually, we built this as part of the 5C Hackathon: http://www.5chackathon.com/

Extremely terrible source code here: https://github.com/nhurwitz/5c-hacks-s16

I think I'll go ahead and submit us for LD35 anyways, though (if we're eligible). Good stuff.

Can you add a free software license to your project?

Is it free software?

Not at the moment, but the author still can change their mind about that. It's also likely that the author doesn't know that a lack of license makes code proprietary (thanks to the Berne Convention).

By virtue of being uploaded to GitHub, it can at least be legally cloned and forked.

Sure, but what does that get you? It's proprietary because you don't get any of the four freedoms (even freedom 0, because you technically don't have the right to run the software without explicit permission -- and you can forget about modification and distribution). Yes, you can copy the code, but what are you going to do? Frame it?

I didn't know this. Is this "implicit copyright law"?

I adore this. Good work!

There seems to be a bug that is crashing the rooms. I think it might have something to do with consecutive 90 degree turns.

I'm glad this got unflagged. Thumbs up to the HN mods.

Hey there, glad you like it! We had a lot of fun building it out in a nice little 12 hour sprint. :)

For some reason the sockets seem to hang unpredictably and I don't have time to debug at this instant, so I've just set the server to be killed and restarted every 10 minutes - you were probably playing during one of those restarts. Refreshing the page should work fine.

I'll push an actual fix in the next couple days.

Thanks to the mods for unflagging! Not sure why it was flagged in the first place, but we'd love to receive constructive feedback from whoever flagged it.

>Not sure why it was flagged in the first place

Probably because it's a tinyurl. I'm surprised submitting it was even possible. I almost flagged it myself but I saw there were some comments.

Love the music, who is the artist?

The song is Windowdipper by Jib Kidder

I think we killed it? Seems like it's not working and the console says the websocket is refusing to connect.

Can confirm, it doesn't work on my end.

We're working on it now -- this was a Hackathon project developed in 12 hours so we haven't had time to load test it yet, but it'll be up shortly :)

If you change direction twice very quickly, you can go back through your own tail.

Not anymore ;) Good find!

There is precedent for this technique:


Wish the walls wrapped around, would be interesting :)

Thought it was a great idea, so I've implemented and deployed it. Let me know what you think!

I like it! The optical illusion of the space made me want things to wrap.. looks much better now.

But I'm biased playing http://milksnake.c3.cx/ and developing http://quantumpilot.me , where the screen wraps

Not the one you're replying to but I just played it (without having read comments) and thought that was a neat feature :-)

I went to the page and saw nothing and heard random crash-y sounds for minutes, the whole time I thought it was poking at Windows 95 for crashing all the time. I thought that was hilarious

Well, those are Windows XP sounds.

Amazing work. :) Love the start screen!

Cool! But controls are really hard!

Die to lag quite a bit

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