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I'm testing this out (http://thinkcode.tv/english). I know my current conversion rate, so I'll be able to see if there is a difference (I'll do the math with next week's data, or else random subscriptions from this group will taint it). :)

Your form lacks affordance - it's not clear, despite the subscribe header, that one should complete it by tabbing/clicking and then entering data.

On the OP example at Huffduffer one clicks a "sign up" button (which has the mouseover feedback you lack incidentally) to get to a page which is for sign up. Hence the affordance is not so important as they're already in the "I need to enter data"-pipeline.

Also FWIW I think messing with default button formats should be avoided unless you're going to make sure that it's clearly a button (affordance again).

So what are your results like?

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