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But they've clearly been converted to pounds, then back to kilograms.

  Lead 19,994
  Tin 1,999
  Silver 2,999
  Gold 1,000

Interesting. For the UK they just say 1 tonne, 2 tonnes, etc - https://www.apple.com/uk/environment/resources/

So everyone’s trying to play this as some conspiracy of fictional numbers. All we’ve actually found is that Apple do localize their site, and possibly some weaknesses in how they do so.

Clearly this is evidence that their environmental report was created in their Irish subsidiary (of Double Irish fame), propagated to the U.S., and then modified for the rest of the world (here, Australia).

Megagrams would sound cooler though :)

Which is kinda interesting in itself.

Evidently so. This is the highest-rated comment I've ever written here.

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