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And after you've "fixed" this "problem" for the current state of the app, you happily leave, and the next person is tasked with adding new features, and suddenly they find the app incredibly rigid and impossible to modify, so they add some abstractions like factories, delegates, etc...

I mean, anecdotes. I find it funny that in a profession allegedly heavily influenced by science, we keep trading anecdotes(in my experience, "more often than not", etc) instead of having any hard data, tests and experiments to compare.

I wasn't advocating writing extremely rigid, non-extensible code. I was alluding to unnecessarily abstract code bases where e.g. there's a class hierarchy with 7 classes when in fact 3 would properly describe the problem domain. Some people get really carried away coming up with abstractions and in the end they just write a lot of meaningless or purposeless code.

Im for doing data analysis at least on the code bases I work on but alas would have to do that in my own time.

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