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I came here to say this, you beat me. Also, it's important to note the context of this "conversion". It's sending a message to someone you don't know. No one likes to send cold emails, so pre-writing the message takes a lot of the burden off. I'd wager just having the "Comment" textarea pre-filled with a message would have similar impact.

I read the following and my jaw dropped:

"While it's possible these adjustments also contributed to the increase, it's unlikely they were solely responsible for it"

What was he smoking when he wrote that? There's absolutely no justification for that statement that I can see.

That's what I was gonna say. Where's the data? The article is just an opinion. It seems the author thinks the 'mad-lib' style is cool and wants to believe everyone else does too.

Unfortunately it made him look like a "data fool" and makes me wonder whether we should trust all the other recommendations he presents re form design.

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