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>In it, he references musical instruments, which are absolutely NOT designed for beginners.

Musical instruments increasingly are designed for beginners. A typical software suite makes it easy to make decent music by tapping a few buttons more or less in time.

Classical instruments aren't designed for beginners, because they weren't designed at all - they evolved from crude and simple historical originals.

But they're a subset of music as a whole.

Arguably the problem is that computer languages are NOT designed for anyone. This is why so many software products and services are significantly broken so much of the time - to an extent that would be ridiculous and completely unacceptable for hardware objects.

I don't see a problem with at least exploring new language models that have roots in perceptual psychology instead of in hardware design.

Classical instruments are designed, just as much as any other artifact created by humans. If pianos were not designed, then neither were bicycles, looms or printing presses.

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