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They need to "program," not program. The difference is key—people who can't write email rules just aren't "computer savvy" and that's not such a large issue with the new generations.

What seems to be happening is people trying to figure out how to make teaching programming easier—like the guy below who works as a TA. I wasn't a TA but I did help a lot of people in school with programming and other CS assignments, and I definitely noticed lots of people in the field for the wrong reason. Either because they thought they could make a lot of money or because their parents wanted them to do it—but they had no natural interest or talent and didn't understand anything. Some of them declared many times they "hate" math or science.

Why do we have to go out of our way to teach people like this computer science principles or programming? They aren't interested in it and don't think the right way. There are many other professions and schools out there, surely most people can find what they really are cut out for, right?

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