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GP post is right, but left out a detail. I have used this trick multiple times and it usually impressed people:

Scenario is wine with cork fully inside bottle. Take a long slender knife, stab through the center of the cork as far as possible. Twist and and pull, with very little pull and lots of twist. Cork comes out. The key here is that the pressure of twisting prevents most of the slippage that would happen if you just pulled the knife out.

Enjoy impressing friends/family.

It's a bit nerve-wracking reading people who use their fingers for a living doing stuff that risks permanently injuring those fingers!

The infantry grunt knuckledragger side of me (large prefrontal cortex) sometimes ignores such obviously real risks because they seem so minimal compared to past experience. (Which is dangerous in itself. This kind of thinking got more of my buddies killed in motorcycle accidents stateside than did in combat) Point is, you are right to be concerned about safety, but I would argue this particular method is pretty safe if done right. I mean, step 1 is stab the cork, thats not hard to do. I guess the knife could slip and come out quickly, but thats what the lateral pressure of the twist is there to prevent.

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