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I rather like the outrageous and ballsy response from one of Holland's biggest comedians, especially considering that we have a similar law here (if I understand correctly):

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6jW2cIMfos (Dutch)

For those who don't speak Dutch: Teeuwen is expressing his outrage over the fact that when Erdogan used to be a 'boy whore' in Istanbul, he was paid by Teeuwen for sex. And even though Teeuwen 'stimulated' Erdogan, the latter didn't return the favor (and do what he was paid for). He also says that many other people have the same complaint, including our prime minister.

When the interviewer tries to clarify and explain to the viewer that this is a satirical bit to make a point, Teeuwen insists over and over again that this is the literal truth and that it's not satire.

Crass, but effective. In an interview a few days earlier Teeuwen actually argued that this is what people should do en masse, especially in places with such a law, and despite the risk.

If you consider that he is not an idiot and knows that there's a real risk in doing these kinds of things, and that a good friend of his (Theo van Gogh) was actually murdered over insulting islam, it's an incredibly courageous thing to do.

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