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Nice PR spin, but I do not believe their lies. They are just riding the Apple-PR-train, and people are eating it up wholesale. The whole of win10 is open to machinations and spying on you. You even sign your privacy away in their eula.

Do not believe their lies. Microsoft is a harmful entity.

I would tend to think this is more to defend their cloud service, which they see now as a core business. If you are even a small supplier of airbus, after the Snowden revelations, you would be very brave to save any file in a Microsoft/Google/Amazon controlled server. These intrusions are an existential threat for these companies.

Could you elaborate, with some examples? I am aware of the risks involved in using US cloud services, as every data on the cloud is exposed to hostile access to some point. Basically, keep your mission critical files of the internet.

I just would like to have some sources / explanations to your statement.

NSA shared Airbus's R&D designs, technical specifications, etc with Boeing.

Care to mention any specific statement that is a lie?

+they put the handy dandy NSA root cert in their stores, IIRC.


There were reasonable explanations offered.

What we can expect next is Microsoft asking people to show up at their licensed resellers to protest!*

*while looking to buy some more of their stuff.

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