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I have a growing impression that big tech players have developed a cooperative strategy and coordinate their moves to protect users' data in the cloud. And that movement has no altruistic or politic roots but strong economic ones. They just HAVE to ward off any needle threatening to stick the cloud bubble they made huge bets on.

And this is good for the public.

I haven't seen any significant trend of people stopping using cloud services because they are worried about the NSA. I doubt they have to do this stuff. Maybe fighting the government might move useage a few percent. Can't see it being a game changer really.

As a contractor working in Germany, I have encountered many small and medium businesses that are leery of American cloud providers for data security reasons, sometimes unreasonably so. They would like to use the clouds but can't bring themselves to do so. It's a little breathtaking to watch Amazon Google or Microsoft pass up significant revenue in real time because of us policy.

> I doubt they have to do this stuff

Perhaps they do not have to, but they should if they want to retain and grow customers in the future.

Anyone who's been bitten by data theft will tune into this. I imagine that includes any major business. MS is jumping on the bandwagon before it falls behind in the PR campaign. This could be the next campaign similar to environmental friendliness or human rights. It's not enough for tech companies to be "green" or have good factory conditions. Now that they hold so much user data, they must also demonstrate their commitment to security and transparency.

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