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As someone with a definite and well-established viewpoint on CS education, I sort of expected to hate this paper... but I didn't. I thought it made some excellent points, and I very much liked the idea that people not trained as programmers might be able to point us toward new paradigms.

At this point in the development of programming languages, the problem is not really that we can't build languages that do what you want; by and large, for unambiguous specifications (and yes, that is a big qualifier), we can.

At this point, then, the conversation shifts from "how can I meet the machine's needs?" to "how can the machine meet my (programming) needs?" Another analogy: we're no longer just stone-age people looking for a rock that doesn't shatter when we hit things with it; we're can shape our rocks now, and we're trying to figure out what shape allows us to hit things hard without cutting our hands.

Go, functional and declarative programming! Oops, I gave it away. Sorry.

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