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This is something I'm having trouble explaining to Business Analysts - they tend to think and define systems declaratively whereas when we receive a set of requirements we prefer to work from an imperative set of instructions. I've not succeeded in conveying this successfully (they either think devs are just being difficult/lazy or they just fail to grasp what we need) - anyone else suffered this? If so have you got any tips as to how it could be better conveyed?

They are telling you what to build, you should be deciding how to build it. A business analyst who writes requirements as imperative pseudo code is doing most of your thinking for you.

That is like saying that the person who came up with the conjecture did more work than the person who discovers the proof...

Maybe you could use a more declarative language? Or build a domain-specific language yourself?

Indeed, if they give you declarative rules, use prolog or some expert system engine.

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