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For those interested in some of the finer legal aspects of the situation, here's an interesting article in German (excellent discussion there as well): http://verfassungsblog.de/erlaubte-schmaehkritik-die-verfass...

Böhmermann may have gone a little bit overboard on his exemplary "Schmähgedicht" -- unneccessarily long and nasty just to make a point, other indicators are the music, the flag in the background and subtitles only for the poem (making the example much stronger than the context / introduction) -- but given the context, he should be fine.

Exactly, this and few other blogs, lawyers of satirical magazines and even Erdogan lawyer have said that they do not expect much from this prosecution. It is just, Erdogan has to go this now, else he loses his face. At some point he will lose in the last instance and then tell his people: "See, these germans hate us". If Boehmermann had to pay something, that would mean he had increased his market value by some millions minus those maybe €5000 fine.

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