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This is why Germany is still not fully western like the USA, UK, and France. Too much authoritarian hangover from the lack of a modern revolution.

Why? Just because we do not believe in this "free speech" thingy and trust our judicative? If it has been serious defamation, he (Boehmermann) will get a sentence (which he quite probable won't), if not he will not. Merkel just states that she should not judge this and upholds the law. And honestly, this is the best she can do because else the opposition in turkey will be have an even bigger problem than now, because Erdogan will whine about it forever to get nationalist support. Boehmermann has nothing to lose here, it is just a question how much him market value rises. His only problem are dumb turkish nationalists with their death threads.

The UK has probably one of the strictest restrictions on the freedom of speech, especially regarding defamation. France also has defamation laws similar to the German ones.

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