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Erdogan is a terrible leader, he's been arresting journalists critical of him.

Even Russia has taken shots at him, implying that Turkey is the means by which IS is able to turn oil into cash and continue operations (my money is on the next US president deposing him).

I just can't understand why Merkel would care what he thinks?

> I just can't understand why Merkel would care what he thinks?

Because Turkey is one of the main passages of immigrants to Europe. And Erdogan can limit the number of immigrants passing EU border. Turkey already got 6 billions Euro from EU to keep immigrants at their country.

In politics two things matter: (a) what you can give me (b) how you can harm me

Of course Erdogan can make further requests because Turkey still have these immigrants.

Isn't Germany trying to make a monetary deal with Turkey to provide asylum for "Syrian" immigrants? Considering that nobody else wants to take them I'm sure there is quite a bit of ass-kissing required to get this working.

German here. This is exactly the reason for Merkels decision.

A side note to the comedian Böhmermann: he did also the "Varoufakis Gate". He is quite a genious satirist with real political influence.

Because Merkel made a deal with him regarding the refugee crisis.

Apparently Europe isn't in control of it's own external borders anymore (in case of Greece this is to be expected of course). And the Schengen treaty removed many internal borders. So now Merkel wants Erdogan to stop refugees on behalf of Europe.

Erdogan gained a lot of indirect power in Europe with the agreement and (IMHO) this is not a good thing.

She may be using this as a tool to persuade politicians to scrap the law.

Why do you assume Merkel cares what he thinks? She is just making the judiciary can do its job. Maybe it is what German voters want?

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