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I think this is the way it should be done. Separation of power means the judicial branch needs to make this decision. Looks like the legislative branch will now revoke the law that lead to this, but either way, it should not be up to the executive to make this decision.

That's the 2D view of the situation. The 3D view is that she had a chance to make a strong statement about freedom of political expression and she chose not to.

Short sighted, I think.

She is allowing the court system of Germany to correct its laws in a legal way. She is trusting the German process to get rid of the law, which arguably is an elegant and even more powerful statement on freedom than high handed executive posturing.

She has the fear that she loses her new political friend, so she has chosen to let someone other decide.

I think it's right that the judges and not the regime should decide, but it's convenient for her, so she does it, not because it's the right thing.

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