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My Asus UX305 (I have the previous Broadwell based model) was able to install Ubuntu with no extra configuration.

The battery life, storage, and matte IPS screen are excellent and the device is extremely thin and light. The overall build quality is comparable to the MacBook Air but it costs half as much. The trackpad works very well.

I bought it a few months ago for $600 from the Microsoft Store (irony acknowledged).

Edit: My one and only complaint is that it only has mini-hdmi 1.4 instead of DisplayPort or HDMI 2, so no 4k@60hz external monitors.

Came here to say that. I have Ubuntu running on a UX305CA and it works phenomenally well. You do have to update the kernel out of the box or the touchpad wont work.

I have the same and concur no issues with debian, and about the HDMI, it's infuriating because on the same chassis last year, it was a full size HDMI...

Someone just chose to change that particular port.

How long does the battery last in moderate use ?

About 10 hours browsing or using the terminal, 5 hours playing Pillars of Eternity.

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