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European Parliament adopts tough new data protection rules (techcrunch.com)
30 points by walterbell on Apr 15, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

Haven't looked at this in detail yet but the key changes all outlined in that article seem completely reasonable. Opinion will always be split on right to be forgotten but nothing else seems particularly objectionable.

Edit: I believe this is the final text if anyone is interested: http://statewatch.org/news/2015/dec/eu-council-dp-reg-draft-...

I was hoping the "right to be forgotten" in regards to search engines would be removed. I don't think it was. Do anyone know why?

Privacy is a fundamental right for EU citizens, it isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

I am talking about a specific kind of privacy, for example for non-search engines right to be forgotten in the sense of deleting accounts for example does make sense.

Search engines are the only practical way to make RTBF work.

Once personal information is removed from the original source (such as Facebook) it generally gets removed from search engine indexes in time. It does not make sense to remove news articles and the like anyway. It might make sense to push older news articles down in the results.

Practically speaking, it's probably easier to get the results off search engines than it is to get them off random websites (EDIT: easier, or at all possible).

Exactly. Websites are hosted all over the world by businesses with no revenue in the EU. Search engines are pretty much universal, and a central source to enforce.

Furthermore, the original article may have good reasons to remain, and be searchable as part of other topics, but simply shouldn't be a result for that person's name.

Well, this (particularly the fines for non-compliance) should be an interesting clash with the EU-US data sharing mess.

::grabs popcorn::

"tough". it's a fucking joke. techcrunch has long succumbed to repeating the myths. but i guess that's what "reporting" is.

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