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Honestly, I think this whole story is a case of Kyle and Sama making a serious misstep in how they treated a fellow human being. It's clear Jeremy was involved and contributed in some capacity. If we ignored the legal for a minute, he is arguably entitled to at least a discussion about the cap table and some sort of payoff. However, Kyle telling him he gets nothing and than offering him $100k of his own money is both very insulting and very telling. It is a low ball offer starting a negotiation.

It all went downhill from there. It was no longer about money, now it became about justice, and from a justice perspective Jeremy deserves some credit, acknowledgment and respect for his contribution.

Just read Jeremy's complaint and you see he mentions the rewriting of history and the lack of mention of him in the press coverage, etc...

Ronald Reagan had a plague on his desk that read, "Man can achieve anything so long as he doesnt mind who takes the credit."

If Kyle would have shown some respect to Jeremy, this problem would have went away for a couple million.

I don't blame sama, he started with a preconceived notion of charlatans coming out of the woodwork and was also biased to one side. His anger is the most telling sign of all. It is anger at not respecting Jeremy initially, leading to digging a massive hole.

Walking away from this story, I want to side with Jeremy. If we lived in a meritocracy, I am inclined to believe he is not really entitled to much more than an honorable mention as the brains that started it all...but this was mishandled in such a way that any judge would WANT TO SIDE WITH THE LITTLE GUY, and the YC application and video is enough basis to let them find in Jeremy's favor...even though we all know he doesn't deserve it all.

I think an apology, and public acknowledgement of Jeremy's contribution to the direction and strategy would go a long way in settling this dispute...that and a few million dollars.

>offering him $100k

you're kidding? i mean it can't be real. It is like an insult on top of the original insult. When i first read sama's post mentioning the offer without the actual number, i was making bets with myself whether they offered $10M, and was guessing whether the guy was right walking away from money like this. $100k never even crossed my mind :) That is the kind of greed that really kills luck (and getting $1B or just $990M for the Cruise is a Vegas scale luck)

Edit: read in the other comments that from original $100k the offer has now reached $4.5M. That is one "hockey stick"! Giving such low insulting start, my bet would be that instead of $10M - originally reasonable offer - the thing, with all the court filings, lawyers and emotions, will reach closure close to $100M, definitely crossing the $50M. Btw, where is my popcorn, this Cruise story is basically episode 0 of the season 3 of "SV" :)

I'm sympathetic to Jeremy's case, which is actually extremely common in Silicon Valley (group of people get together informally to work on a startup, nothing serious or 100% legally tied up, group of people break apart, idea takes off, legal issues ensue).

But anyone taking either Sam or Jeremy's word at face value has no idea what they're talking about. You have no basis to trust Sam or Jeremy in this hundred-million-dollar matter. Both sides have hundreds of millions of reasons to exaggerate or distort their case.

> Both sides have hundreds of millions of reasons to exaggerate or distort their case.

Fair enough. Its hard not to judge on what we think we know...but its clear the bias on both sides means a court should figure this out.

This. Looks like a classical story of ideas guy using an engineer with relevant education and a decade of experience, then kicking him out. Looks very unjust to me, esp. considering there is big SV establishment (YC) on the other side.

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