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> After hearing the announcement, Guillory contacted Vogt to inquire about his share of the proceeds from the sale of Cruise to GM. Vogt responded that he was due nothing, but first offered $100,000, then $1 million, and then $1.5 million and acknowledgment that Guillory was a co-founder — but only if Guillory would immediately surrender his ownership rights.

> The second Director to contact Guillory, Altman, also said he was authorized to negotiate on Cruise’s behalf and offered Guillory triple the amount of Vogt’s previous offer, but only if Guillory would agree to sign a formal settlement agreement that same day.

3 x $1.5 million = $4.5 million. Personally, I would have taken the money, but I think it must be incredibly hard to make such a decision under time pressure and without counsel. Still, you can retire on that money and basically be happy, and I would have chosen that over this shitstorm if I'd had the presence of mind.


It's pretty obvious to me that they pushed him. First he was pushed out from the company and then they tried to push him out of the bigger deal with $100,000.

All Internet outcry in the last few days about this is also pretty indicative. They used their influence to portray Guillory as a bad character all in "we are angels" and he's a freeloader way. Which of course considering Guillory previous work in the field is suspicious. He certainly contributed at the beginning and probably that contribution was very, very important for the company. Otherwise they wouldn't go all the way to $4.5 million.

The interesting point you make about "presence of mind". Exactly. No one in this case has the presence of mind. It reeks of anger and revenge. I feel the same way so I am rooting for the small guy here.

Why would I take the money? Because I've seen someone sue and win a lawsuit and I just wouldn't want to go through the stress of it. Even if I thought I was right and could win. Everyone has their price, maybe Jeremy would have settled for $20M.

Which is why I am inclined to believe Jeremy really believes he is in the right in this case. If I thought I was entitled to hundreds of millions and someone offered me $100k, I would be so offended I would see out the suit to the end even if it got me nothing. The very idea that they went 10x on that offer, than 50% up and than 3x would just embolden me to realize they are really trying to screw me...

And similarly I don't think YC would offer $4.5M if they knew they were (completely) in the right.

They might offer that much if proving they're completely in the right could take long enough to scuttle their billion dollar deal.

It has me wondering if this has happen before with YC where someone has taken the money ..

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