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"After Guillory engaged counsel, cross-defendants then precipitously filed and made public their lawsuit, accompanied by a public blog post by Cruise investor and Director Sam Altman that wrongly accuses Guillory of extortion and an attempt to disrupt General Motors (“GM) acquisition of Cruise."

This is why you don't speak publicly about a court case you're involved with. Now every single word Sam wrote will be put under the microscope and whether or not he "meant" something won't matter. All that will matter is what the jury believes he meant by it.

That's the downside. It's certainly a real one and exactly why a lawyer would have advised him not to say anything. But there were also upsides, or at least potential upsides. Both in this specific case and influencing those involved current and future yc companies.

The reason general counsels make much less than CEOs is that it's a heck of a lot easier to always point out the risks than to weigh them against the rewards.

It's one thing to hear your lawyer's counsel and then decide to do it anyway, because the potential reward is worth the risk.

It's another thing to rush something through before your lawyer has a chance to provide counsel--which is essentially what Sam Altman claims he did, in his post.

CEOs make more than GCs, but they employ GCs for a reason.

Also they will use the original un-edited blog post.

Yes. This looks really bad on Cruise's part. Oy.

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