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It still isn't clear to me how Vogt cut Guillory from the company. How that is even possible when they had already established the company at a 50/50 split?

This also sounds like he was around for a lot longer than Sam implied in his blog.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about this whole thing; parties on both sides have been rolling around in mud it seems.

It was likely not even incorporated, they hadn't done nearly enough work for either to care. Also seems like Jeremy needed a job anyway and bounced.

Of course hindsight is 20/20, hence this whole ordeal.

From the YC application via the counter complaint

"“Cruise Automation is a Delaware C Corporation created in September

2013. 50/50 split between Kyle and Jeremy.”"

And the Delaware Department of State confirms CRUISE AUTOMATION, INC. was incorporated on 9/24/2013.

That document has not been released, so that is speculation. I'm sure someone can research their initial filing to find the exact date

that's what it says in the complaint...but does it actually say this in the YC application?

I would say most likely. No doubt would it be requested during trial and they would both know what's on it so saying something untrue about it would be profoundly stupid. In my opinion anyway.

Doesn't sound like a company was established. And it sounds like he was around for about a month.

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