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Here is the YC application video from the counter complaint https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P6oXe1YI90

What is interesting to me is that the video offers some hints that both parties are being uncharitable in their description of the other party.

Jeremy acknowledges previous robotics and technical competency of Kyle, and Kyle describes both of them having a fairly developed plan involving commodity components, a plan to bring to market quickly, and "constraining the problem".

Nothing in the video is a silver bullet, and I have no idea what the final legal implications are. But it seems complicated. It certainly doesn't sound like you can write off the short 1-month period in which Guillory worked on it, and it suggests he may have contributed to patentable items or significant architectural designs, which if then used to carry out Cruise's products, would really raise questions if Guillory's degree of ownership (yes, 1-month of architectural designs really are that big of a deal).

But it also absolutely does not seem like Kyle is so devoid of technical expertise that he couldn't have advanced the company without critical work from Jeremy.

Whatever the outcome, I think it will be contentious and drawn out.

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