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after reading this, YC and Sam altman might be the dagger to kill the acquisition by GM...

if true of course... but cant deny that he was a founder and has somewhat of a claim. do i think he deserves 50% in any possible scenario? no... but he was being strong-armed into taking the deal (which is just business as usual).

if this goes to Jury trial he has a case for more than the measly 4.5million

edit: "deserves" was a bad choice of words, i meant entitled.

That is probably more than an engineer with a typical 100 basis points would get. You think he deserves more than someone who ACTUALLY built something at the company.

"Deserves"? I'm sure the engineers here want to be recognized purely on their effort, but that's not how it works.

I don't think anyone's arguing about who deserves what, but more about the legal strength.

Loads of people own huge stakes in companies without doing things with them (see most public stocks), that doesn't mean they lose ownership of them.

Sucks but that's how the private ownership cookie crumbles.

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