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> In early October 2013, Guillory met with 28-year-old Vogt, a self-proclaimed MIT drop-out who had spent a month to earn a degree in installing Microsoft Windows, and whose most impressive technical achievement by his own account was to build a device to crack certain kinds of high security safes. But Vogt had a shared interest in the emerging self-driving field from his days at MIT and its entry in the DARPA challenge. More importantly, Vogt had millions in capital from his successful sale of two previous start-ups in TV and video gaming, along with investor contacts.

Can someone shed light on this paragraph? Twitch sold for $1B, so it's probably a bit disingenuous to take so many digs at Kyle's expertise & accomplishments... If anything, Kyle's software expertise is just as (if not more!) valuable than Jeremy's MechE skills for the early Cruise product.

EDIT: Also, I'm pretty sure Kyle worked on MIT's DARPA entry [1]. At the very least, I know he was working with laser rangefinders -- I wrote an article back in 2008 using photos of his SICK LRF teardown [2]. If anything, after reading this "he stole my expertise/idea" claim, I'm more inclined to side w/ Kyle & sama.

[1] http://web.mit.edu/6.111/www/s2005/PROJECT/Groups/15/main.ht...

[2] http://www.hizook.com/blog/2008/12/15/sick-laser-rangefinder...

To me that first sentence says more about the person writing it than the person described.

Same here. What does "self proclaimed MIT dropout" means?

Is he trying to imply that Vogt never attended MIT and is making himself look cool that he dropped out?

I think he's implying that Vogt took pride in not finishing his education, which is an implication that Cruise would've never made it had Guillory not agreed to collaborate with him.

I would imagine that this is supposed to help support their argument for conversion, that Kyle was inclined to use Jeremy's IP contributions in part because Kyle was otherwise incapable of practically accomplishing the company's goals.

It does seem harshly written, but the same could be said of the complaint and sama's post.

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