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Reading through the thread, it looks like in the last few days it's been narrowed down to "messages which contain the URL of the App Engine instance silently disappear with no bounces or errors."

And only sometimes. The issue resolved itself on my app two weeks ago. My guess is there is an outgoing spam filter run amok in some of the clusters.

I wrote about this last year, but I feel it's still relevant. Spam filters, especially Google and Microsoft's (whose e-mail servers don't play by any of the standard rules nor do they send DMARC reports), are horrible over aggressive.


I have seen more phishing/ransomware e-mails come through mine (lots of malicious Javascript made to look like Excel files), so I can understand how great the risk is. The fact still remains though. E-mail is broken and is less reliable than an envelop dropped in a letterbox.

>especially Google and Microsoft's (whose e-mail servers don't play by any of the standard rules nor do they send DMARC reports)

I don't know about Microsoft, but I get a couple of DMARC reports per day from Google's email infrastructure. I also get reports from aol.com, yahoo.com, linkedin.com, comcast.com, fastmail.com, etc.

I think there is not a spam filter but this is a rule to prevent people from setting up phishing scams or other deceptive emails and they are using an appengine instance to host their scam.

That seems like a very good guess to me. It's a tricky balancing act between allowing everything and locking things down to fight spammers.

That seems to be the case for my app.

It was sending an HTML email with the appspot domain used for the logo: https://example.appspot.com/images/logo.png

Changing that to http://www.example.com/images/logo.png fixed the problem, but now I have to host the image elsewhere on a HTTPS enabled domain.

A separate question is what has google done with all the messages that users of this app sent? Are they gone for good, or stuck in a queue somewhere?

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