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I'm a long time Linux guy and absolutely hate Visual Studio, it's just clunky and unusable as Eclipse.

This post prompted me to try VS Code and I must say, I'm really impressed. There are still a few rough edges but I do understand it's still young.

As soon as the Vim extension becomes usable I'll be on board I think; things like visual selection don't appear to work correctly at the moment.

I'm the maintainer of amVim. I don't know if you tried amVim. It supports Visual and VisualLine. Also, you may find it handles detail behaviors of Vim much better.

Fantastic, that's a lot better than the other Vim plugin I tried! Thank you.

g; and W/E support would be nice (as someone said on this thread, everyone has a different subset of Vim they use ;-) )

Thanks! Cloud you open an issue on Github repo here: https://github.com/aioutecism/amVim-for-VSCode

It looks like a big improvement, but I notice visual mode doesn't work with cursor keys, and I'm also not seeing an ex-mode (eg. :w). Would love to see these implemented :)

Thanks! Cursor keys support in Visual mode will just be a few lines of code to implement. Cloud you open an issue so we can track them easily? https://github.com/aioutecism/amVim-for-VSCode

Oh. ex-mode is not something I'm planing to implement. They are often a lot easier to do with Cmd+Shift+P.

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