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I've been getting bounces on Google Apps hosted gmail for calendar notifications coming from calendar-notification@google.com

Email is hard.

For programmers, maybe. Running mail servers is a sysadmin task. (I mean no attack here, this is plain statement)

Running a mail server is simple, even for programmers.

Running a mail server with reliable outbound delivery, and inbound spam filtering, is anything but simple.

A reliable mail stack is configuring postfix+dovecot or cyrus, adding dspam, opendmarc, opendkim and a bunch of dns records.

How is this any harder than anything else in computing?

DKIM + SPF + DMARC does not guarantee reliable delivery. Not even close.

Of course not. However, in the past ~7 years, while running my own mail stack, I never had a delivery issue, though obviously this is small traffic.

At work, we handle pretty large traffic for mail, with self-hosted mail servers as well - those are exim. No delivery issues either, although these are only the real, important, not even remotely spam-like, core business messages. Spam-like newsletters are done via sendgrid there.

Which is why you pay Google to do it for you via AppEngine!

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