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I tried VSCode for the last couple of months and it didn't sell me.

It's noticeably slower than Sublime on a good workstation and it has a bunch of very minor annoyances that Sublime simply doesn't have.

When you encounter these annoyances dozens of times a day, it really turns you off from using it because a good editor should make you happy, not infuriate you.

For example, the way VSCode deals with multiple buffers and the sidebar is really poor. It tries to be cute and keep the sidebar's state in each buffer, but it's done really poorly and constantly disrupts you.

I feel the same way. I tried to like VSCode but it's just all the small things that trip me up. I've really come to depend on STs mini-map and miss it when it's not there. VSCode is just slightly slower than I feel it should be, causing me to pause and crash my train of thought.

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