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While I realise that this could be helpful with editors.I do not see much use with IDEs.and when it comes to languages like Android/iOS/WebApps ?People tend to use IDEs.(I am not making my opinion the general opinion here). And when people google things,Documentations are often the last resort.You tend to google the exception or the specific condition and end up on StackOverflow where some one facing a similar problem solved it by using something which was mentioned somewhere deep in the documentation. Also if documentation and a few examples could work in most real world apps,then we really wouldn't need sites like Stack Overflow.

Simple use case: the `man` and `help` command are useful when you have not been able to solve for your particular use case.Else I would still prefer doing a google search which would tell me how to scp a file with the syntax and placeholders instead of reading the documentation.

The examples would help in this regard.But then again I am not sure how much.Normally documentation list pretty straight forward examples which any editor/IDE with intellisense (even Sublime provides a bit of prediction with plugins) ,should be able to provide.

This also goes against the tendency of comparing.Normally while trying to solve a problem,I tend to open 2~3 similar 'answers' which help me drill down to my particular problem.Whereas here I would be restricted to only a single solution.I love the idea for the technology involved.But I am not completely convinced with the help that it could provide.

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