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I'm a bit confused by people's praise of VS Code. Are people really writing software with anything less featured than that?

As someone who uses Visual Studio for everything, I have a hard time understanding how people can get anything done in Atom/Sublime/Notepad++/etc.

> As someone who uses Visual Studio for everything...

This is a classical hammer/nail example. Big red sign to me. I'm a long time Visual Studio user, and that what you are saying is exactly the problem I see in MS-based developer circles.

Visual Studio is not appropriate for everything. As a matter of fact I don't use it at all for SPA development anymore, but just for server side stuff.

However, to give you few arguments:

1. VS Code and Sublime work on Linux/OSX/Windows and I do work on all three of those. Having the same tool is a great gain here.

2. Editing capabilities of VSCode and Sublime are definitely superior to Visual Studio, to the point that I find myself copying pieces of code from Visual Studio to Sublime, editing it and pasting back to Visual Studio.

3. Speed is not comparable. Visual Studio has become a bloated beast. Sometimes it takes a minute to start it, and then you enjoy busy freeze times whenever you push it just a bit harder than it likes.

All in all, I find my self being much more productive when not using Visual Studio for anything except pure .NET development.

VS Code runs on non-Windows systems for starters.

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