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This is a very interesting story

Author of the original story here, would be very interested in discussing further... evan [at] atavist [dot] net

Good story. You missed a few things though The assassination my Michael lontoc, manager of red white and blue arms a Makati gun company owned by PLR. The crash of a cargo plane in Manila about the same time as capture of mv captain ufuk Billions of pesos worth of properties in the Philippines and Thailand including an island and a couple of beach properties as transit points Employing 24 prostitutes flown in from the south and housing them in different apartments in the Makati area Local purchase of high powered guns amuninition,c4 and detonators And So much more

Edited to protect parent's privacy

I assume the original comment you wrote was edited, because this reply makes no sense otherwise.

Thanks for your thoughts, much appreciated.

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