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While I really like the idea, there's a couple of no gos here:

    * Only supports python (as of now, I know you said you'll do others)
    * No Linux support (yet)
    * Uploads code to your servers
    * Wants me to sign up to a crappy newsletter
Really liked all the jokes in the video though. But I'm not convinced (yet), sorry.

And there's the issue that's I'd want to test it before recommending buying it to my employer. But I don't do enterprise Java for fun, so there's completely different languages and libraries between the open source projects where I could upload the code (but don't want to because fuck everything cloud, also I won't pay for it, because I'm not making any money) and the for work projects (where I personally don't give a shit, but all the libraries/frameworks the we/the customer bought are proprietary). And maybe even the customer wouldn't like his code being uploaded somewhere, but they usually don't really care about the code.

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