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One of the things people does not seem to mention is the great debugging support you have in VSCode. The possibility to easy setup debugging with support for breakpoint, step through, inspection and so on. For react-native VSCode is the only IDE I have found which enables this. Previously one had to open Chrome and debug your apps from there, to have it inside the IDE makes it so more convenient. The same goes for Node(which you also can do in Webstorm, but not free and open source) and as far as I can tell the only IDE you debug Go probably. As an developer preferring solid IDE`s like VS and Eclipse with full debugging support it always feels like a step backwards when working with an language where this does not exists.

That's probably because it's using the Chromium code base. Those debug tools are from Chrome.

No, VS Code's debug support is not based on Chrome's debug tools since we try to support any debugger.

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