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When I started using TypeScript a couple weeks ago I briefly tried out VS Code, but the VIM plugin was really, really bad (worse than Sublime's was when I used it a few years ago).

Now I'm on Atom, which has the best VIM support I've ever seen (haven't tried evil-mode, though) and seems to support a similar feature set. They felt about the same speed, too, on this 2013 Macbook Air.

Regardless, other than that quirk, I did really like VS Code, and I'm glad there's more competition in the free editor space :)

Atom's vim support is OK, but nowhere near the best. Kate (KDE), IntelliJ, and emacs EVIL all offer better support (others may, but I haven't used them). I completely agree that Atom is way ahead of VS code in vim support.

I use Atom a lot, but I wish it had support for the goto column command (pipe), proper search/replace support (it does weird things with the trailing slash, deleting words at the end of lines, and macros.

There is no "the VIM plugin". There are multiple extensions created by VSCode users. One of them just happens to have had the temerity to re-use the logo from Bram Moolenaar's project and slap the "Vim" label on their extension.

And it's working. Despite having messier code, performance problems, and fewer Vim features implemented, it has over 3x as many users as the next most popular one listed in the VSCode extension gallery.

Sublime has a built-in Vim mode called "Vintage," I think, but there's a package[1] on GitHub which I've heard is better.

[1]: https://github.com/guillermooo/Vintageous

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