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The one thing that prevented me from switching to VSCode last time I tried it was the lack of projects management (e.g. a project remembers what files were open, what folders are associated with it, and you can quickly switch between projects, like the CTRL+ALT+P list in Sublime Text).

Is there such a feature now?

Yes, the lack of a built-in project switcher is a nuisance. I'd like to have a little dropdown at the top of the (left) sidebar with project names. A keyboard shortcut plus a bit of fuzzy matching drops down the list and picks a project and pop all the files in that project are loaded right where I left off. Maybe copy a few lines to the clipboard, maybe add a TODO: note to myself that just occurred to me while working on something else, then a quick keyboard shortcut and pop I'm back in the other project.

Switching between multi-file projects should be almost as easy as switching files within a project.

I had a similar question - One of the things I appreciate about Atom and Sublime is the ability to add folders to current "project" even if they are at different hierarchical levels of the folder structure. Other than that VSCode was pretty cool.

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