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Does VSCode 1.0 still come with the tracking and analytics (phone home stuff) that cannot be turned off?

The second sentence in the first paragraph suggests they are actively performing some form of tracking.

> Today, we’re excited to report that more than 500,000 developers actively use VS Code each month.

I've come to expect Microsoft is just going to do that, and it needs to be accepted if you want to use their stuff. Fighting against it is a recipe for a headache. Unfortunately (or fortunately) this editor is great for Typescript and that's my passion.

A competitor should show up in this space and make me even happier.

If you build from source instead of downloading from code.visualstudio.com, those things are disabled by default.

It was possible to disable that pre-1.0 by adding the following to your config file:

"telemetry.enableTelemetry": false

Every update reseted the file.

It is turned on, but you can turn off either crash reporting, or usage telemetry reporting, or both. Please see https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/supporting/faq#_how-to-di.... Scroll down to see more on usage telemetry reporting.

Does every update still resets those settings? (like with beta)

No. The old way to change it was in product.json - the product configuration, which got rewritten on every update. The new way to do it is in user settings, which don't get modified.

What? Never heard of that, but I wouldn't mind if it's on either.

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