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I switched from Atom to VSCode for Go development on OSX a few weeks ago while Atom's Go plugin was going through a rough few days, and haven't been able to go back.

The patterns of use take a little getting used to coming from Atom or Sublime, but VSCode gives me real static-language IDE features that "just work" simply by installing the Go plugin. Comparable functionality in Atom requires multiple plugins and I never managed to make a few of them work at all. The control+tab file switching quickly became second nature.

I never had the performance issues some people have with Atom (on a 5 year old laptop), but VSCode feels a little quicker at some things. Nothing to write home about.

I love Atom's direction (plugability, a well-cultivated ecosystem, discoverable configuration), but for sheer usability I'm sticking with VSCode for now.

I never switched to Atom (from WebStorm), but I've made the switch to VSCode and I like it!

It just works. The workflow is fine for me, git integration is a plus. Compared to Atom, I don't need to try plugins to get descent functionality.

Actually, it's the first MS product I use in like... 10 years?

I used to be an emacs fan, I used to be an Eclipse plugin developer, I used to be a WebStorm user... now I prefer VSCode.

I love how it makes the best of screen real estate compared to WebStorm

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