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Interesting that they decided to release 1.0 before sorting out the coreclr/dotnet story. My understanding is that Mono is still the best way to write C# with VSCode, even on Windows.

It's coming soon. The aspnet team demoed coreclr debugging in VSCode earlier this week. It was all done on nightlys, but it worked. But honestly, since these are all extensions, I don't see any reason 1.0 would need to be tied to these features.

If you're working on something that needs to target the full framework, then yes, Mono is the way to go. Otherwise if you're targeting the new .NET Core, then you can do without Mono with the latest pre-release versions of the VS Code C# extension (which includes debugging support).

Here's a blog post with bit more info on setting up VS Code with the pre-release version of the C# extension (and debugging support): http://www.tattoocoder.com/setting-up-asp-net-core-debugging...

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