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Isn't this based on Atom (or at least similar design)? It really makes me sad that people are making editors with so many features and nice things, but ignoring the fundamentals like latency.


I'm eagerly awaiting a mac version of 4coder (http://www.4coder.net/).

No, it's not based on Atom. Both VSCode and Atom are built on top of Electron but that's all they share in common. VSCode, unlike Atom, is lightning fast. In particular, it uses a very different rendering and plugin architecture.

Did you actually try it?

That's a fair point, I tried Atom and it felt laggy but I haven't tried this one yet.

You should. It's really quite different (and starts up faster and has, at least on my machines) barely any lag.

It is a similar design like maybe how to QT editors are similar design.

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