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Congratulations. Particularly, I think the Tier 1 i686 might get Rust more adoption by Windows C/C++ crowds in commercial sector. Improvements for large files in Linux might aid adoption in backup/archive and streaming servers. Just curious, did Dropbox's feedback have anything to do with that?

The large file improvements were only needed on 32-bit platforms, and I'd assume that Dropbox's servers are all 64-bit.

Correct, they're all 64-bit linux. We might use some Rust on 32-bit soon though. So this is interesting to us.

Alright,thanks. I was just curious if a single deployment on their level led to bugfixes or new features.

The Rust team has been in constant contact with the Dropbox team (I should know, I coordinated and attended the original meeting), and I can say for certain that feedback from Dropbox has helped to prioritize and inform the stabilization of several features.

Cool, cool. I figured that would be the case. Tge idea behind the questions is kind of my exploration into the many eyes idea. It mostly covers feedback from widespread, random use. Howevet, I figured a small number of smart, industrial users stress-testing a new language/compiler might provide higher than average quality feedback than even twice as many casual developers. So my advice was to try to get such testers soon as key stuff is stable.

Was the prediction accurate in that case? Sounds like it so far.

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