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Halfway to the airport, however, Le Roux switched tactics, said Stouch. “He just essentially said he was no longer going to resist and that he would cooperate with our commands.” According to the DEA, Le Roux waived his Miranda rights somewhere over the Atlantic and agreed to tell them everything he knew.

What miraculous luck that such a thing would happen, purely of his own free will.

Sure, but I would imagine that in such a situation it would be quite rational to choose to coöperate.

Please explain.

If they know what you're up to and you don't coöperate you still end up behind bars or executed. If you do coöperate, they might let you off the hook somewhat.

Understand, but no, even law enforcement, military, etc. are trained to never say anything; this isn't just to protect the greater good either, don't do it.

Pretty interesting interpretation of free will - and for that matter, luck.

Pretty sure parent was sarcastic (or something).

(plausible) I know, but I might deny it.

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