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Increasely wonder why average person trust any party to secure data that literally belongs to them.

Are there any startups that are building tech allow end-to-end identity management systems? Seems like a huge market.

What choice do you have?

Really depends of the type of data, how it's being used, etc. - is there a specific problem you personally are facing and how big of a problem is it to you?

His point is that the government asks for this information, maybe as a requirement in order to procure official documents needed for everyday life and business. There's not much to do when the government of your country makes your giving of certain information a requirement. Sure, you could fight it in court but it's very likely that that will not get you very far or produce the official documents you may need. Not all governments were founded with the same libertarian strain as the US.

First, not going to assume that's what the comment meant, but happy to address your comment as is.

Basically my position is that I agree it's complex, but I believe possible to address the issue in a way that for all parties (individual,government,3rd-party) that more value is created and less risk exists; this applies universally in my opinion.

Any rate, unclear how responding to my question with questions addresses my question other than to assume that the lack of an answer means that there are no startups that address this issue; meaning any solution I've seen requires a central authority to be involved.

Even if some startup solved the problem, 1) I have to trust them instead of the government, so the problem hasn't really disappeared and 2) you'd have to compel everyone to work with them somehow

Even in the US, for practical purposes you need to hand your data over to private entities, state governments and, yes, even the federal government, at times.

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