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For anyone interested in the raw dataset: https://www.putdat.com/hnJwrwM

Anyone know how the data is collected? Is it computer generated by some software watching the game or is there someone faithfully capturing this into some database? Does the data exist for other players.

I'm a bit amazed that this kind of data is captured and wonder how accurate it is.

ha! I guess I asked too soon.


I wonder what the proprietary software is. Anyone know? Based on opencv perhaps? Amazing!

See my comments below on how the data is actually collected.

But yes, there is some opencv in this project(and probably in almost every other commercial machine vision project out there), but the smart parts are hand tailored, opencv have useful general purpose algorithms, but to get the best results you need to dig deeper.

Source: I've worked on the system in the past.

You could probably get better AI listening to the sounds of the ball hitting the ring/back board/etc rather than studying images with different angles and players an shooting styles.

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