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Another brick in the wall.

What are we going to do a out it? Maybe Wikipedia or Google will deface their own websites, and the bill will die only to resurrect shortly after.

A better solution would be for the millions of tech workers to unite and vote GOP just to send a message that we don't automatically vote for anyone or any party.

If California's vote is locked for a certain party, then it is taken for granted.

Voting for GOP candidates isn't going to change anything.

Better to start up a new party with a clever nerd name--like Bitwise Party, or Breakpoint Party, or similar--and run its own candidates. The automate the hell out of political party organization. Make running for office as easy as registering a new domain name.

But that will probably never happen, because forming and operating a political party is too much like joining a union with its own PAC. And also, third parties don't count for much in the US.

Of course not. Unless you happen to have R. Paul as your senator the GOP typically is worse.

Its playing the two sides off each other that might work. Make the GOP think will vote for them. Make the democrats think they'll loose our contributions.

Getting rid of Feinstein will be an excellent first step.

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