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Although this is a lot of data on each person. Each individual field doesn't seem too sensitive on its own.

Electoral enrollment status and place you live is usually public information. It should be to prevent vote fraud.

Without other ID, you give your passport details to every company that uses it for ID, every airline, even the bouncer at a bar. When you're travelling and don't have the local ID, you use it to get a sim card, bus pass, just about everything. It's not really secret.

As for the biometric data, what use would a malicious actor make of that? They can't impersonate you because authentication shouldn't be done with only reproducible biometric data. They could identify you if you're physically touching them, but then they can already see you in person.

Mother's middle name according to the article can usually be predicted by her parents names. Family history and names is also public data. Just ask the Mormon church which hoards it.

The LDS church "hoards" it for a reason. Genealogy and baptisms for the dead.

The Mormon church is really called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (of which I'm a member). It sounds like you might be thinking of the affiliated, free genealogy site, http://www.familysearch.org. It doesn't disclose data on living persons. But you might really enjoy using it to look up your deceased ancestors. My wife loves it.


A free, fast emacs org-mode replacement which is easier to learn and lets you put the same thing in more than one place at the same time: "Atomic knowledge": http://onemodel.org .

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