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Everytime I read one of these Autism articles I feel like I might be affected myself. I lack most of the symptoms I read on the internet but often feel disconnected and not caring about what's actually happening. Like a robot on autopilot with occasional breaks when I realize where I actually am in my life. For example when I hear really bad news, I'm just like "eh, life goes on".

I'm not sure when this started but I remember a moment a few years back when I realized this trait for the first time.

Is there a short check I can do to find out more?

I think a few visits to a therapist may help you discover more about yourself. (Though I do think some people associate 'going to therapy' as 'having problems', I see it also just as a resource for guiding introspection. There probably is not any "problem" you need to "fix"... it can just be a way to discover yourself.)

In your case, topics like emotional attachment style come to mind. Some people just grow up learning to condition their emotions become more numb... though in some cases it also becomes harder to become excited about things.


This is not to say that this is how you are... since it's not like I actually know you or your childhood, etc. But this is certainly a topic that I'm reminded of when I hear your example, and something like therapy can be an interesting way to dive into this.

Visit a doctor. That's really the only sure fire way to know. You may just have depression.

Agreed. "Robot on autopilot" sounds far more like depression than ASD to me.

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