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Good or bad? Have no idea what C8 should say that's why i'm asking. Dell XPS 9550 ubuntu 16.04

Well, that's better than most people are seeing - getting deeper than PC6 may involve some graphical things. So the question now is why you have such different results to me. Can you paste the output of sudo lspci -vvv somewhere, along with cat /sys/devices/virtual/dmi/id/bios_version ?

Here is lspci, powertop frequency and bios version for my 9550 Dell. Not getting the package deeper than PC6 either.


Btw. I noticed that a new bios was posted yesterday. Unfortunately it is not yet available in whatever place fwupdmgr is looking at. But at least bios updates now work from Linux on this laptop.

Ah - is this a quad-core CPU? Interestingly there does seem to be a pattern building up here, which is that it's more SKU specific than I previously thought - it now looks like it's limited to the S and U parts, which are paired with the Sunrise Point-LP PCH. CPUs that are using Sunrise Point-H appear to work more as expected.

Thanks, I'll try to replicate your PCI configuration and see if I can trigger any behavioural changes.

I think I'm seeing a similar usage on my 9550 here https://gist.github.com/shadeslayer/4184b49505d817a9a60d5b0a...

Is Ubuntu 16.04 running well for you? I'm also on Dell XPS 9550, but I'm running 15.10. Had some serious issues with the initial install, wondering if I should risk the hassle of upgrading.

The Intel graphics driver (i915) has an issue in Linux 4.4.0 which causes occasional black frames. Other than that it's running perfectly for me.

No issues. Had one when they pushed an update for nvidia but other than that it's smooth

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