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Show HN: Plino – An intelligent Spam filtering system built using python (plino.herokuapp.com)
4 points by prodicus on April 13, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

Your website is very well designed, to me it looks very nice.

On my browser (Firefox-Linux) if I open the hamburger menu on the right, and click, say, API usage, the content is pushed off to the left and I can't even scroll it back. The only thing I can do is close the hamburger menu to properly see the content.

I was going to give a couple of comments assuming that you were hoping to turn some visitors into paying customers, but this seems to be an entirely free service.

I was going to say that "Python based" is a positive for some and a negative for others. I'm not sure it needs to be in the list of features and surely does not need to be the first feature. What should be first? "Unlimited Users", though not the use of the word "currently" may well put some people off. It suggests that this will not be free in the future, which perhaps it won't be. I don't know.

Secondly, a REST-API is great, focus more on it being something that can be integrated into a developer's application. The others, Python based, Machine Learning, Crafted With Love, Minimum Downtime are not really features at all. Python based and Machine Learning are just implementation details, the first is not really important and Machine Learning is kind of the assumed method of spam filtering. So overall your list of features scream you claiming "This is really good honest", rather than demonstrating that.

The Python API example is good, this is what a Python programmer cares about, they might dig a little deeper and be pleasantly surprised to find the whole thing is developed in Python.

In general, it's hard to see any unique selling point here. Why would a developer use this spam filter over a self-hosted one, or other existing one? I'm not saying there isn't a unique selling point, just that your website does not make this abundantly clear.

I thought just today about writing a service similar to this, but I ask myself, as always: why didn't anyone write such an app yet? There are only complicated spam-filtering services that work at a totally different level and are unusable by small apps, and at the other side a lot of programmers writing JSON-as-a-service and TODO-apps over and over again. Why not this?

https://github.com/prodicus/plino on top of https://github.com/prodicus/spammy, for interested people who don't read the error page, like myself.

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